Thompson Farms of Mound City, Missouri 
 & T3 Quarter Horses
Thompson Farms of Mound City, MO is located along the banks of Squaw Creek in Northwest Missouri.

We have been in the quarter horse business for over 60 years. We have carefully selected our horses with the versatility of the Foundation Quarter Horse in mind.

The farm was once a diverse operation with pastures full of livestock - beef and dairy cattle, wool sheep, hogs and riding and draft horses. There were hay crops as well as corn, oats and wheat.  There were orchards and gardens, with excess fresh produce, milk, cream and eggs sold in town, but times changed.
Row Crops replaced most of the pastures. The hogs lots and farrowing houses are long empty and fallen into decay. The wool sheep gone, as is the large herd of commercial cattle.
We have headed in a new direction back to the past so to speak. Instead of large numbers of animals, we are concentrating on smaller numbers of more efficient animals:
Hair Sheep and Dexter multi-purpose Cattle 

Kit had a COLT!
Foaling was late this year due to an injury Champ suffered from a kick from an outside mare. He has 3 beautiful colts on the ground for customer horses and "CHESTER" was the first colt born for us on June 18.
Then Magic had a COLT!
The filly fairy missed us completely this year! After a long colt drought we had 100% colts in the 2016 foal crop. I was expecting black and white, but Magic's colt really surprised me. Latest foal we've ever had - born July 21st, but he was worth the wait! Welcome Toby!

We almost always have animals for sale.
We have a nice selection of Katahdin Hair Sheep, Dexter Cattle and of course, Quarter Horses!

Katahdin Sheep FOR SALE!
We have a nice selection of Ewe Lambs and RR Ram Lambs for sale. We can sell them individually or in packages. Call for pricing.

Katahdin Sheep for Sale!

Darragh's first calf has arrived!
T3 June Bug!!!

Gina and Opal check out the new addition while Jeanea proudly nuzzles her baby.
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