Thompson Farms of Mound City, Missouri 
 & T3 Quarter Horses

Whole Lotta Jac


 aka "Lottie"


We have been very pleased with the dispositions and  train-ability of DJ's foals. Lottie is a real sweetheart that LOVES attention and is eager to please.

Both of her parents have been AQHA 5 Panel tested and are negative for all 5 genetic diseases.

She is that light "buttermilk" dunskin that is in high demand and has just the right amount of chome to make her really stand out.

Lottie was a "late bloomer" and wasn't started until the winter of 2012/2013 . She only had a few rides before finances forced me to bring her home. I did some ground work with her after she came home, but turned her out to pasture in March. Over the summer of 2013 she grew almost 4 inches and gained a lot of weight.

Lottie currently stands 15H.  She's an easy keeper and the pictures of her in July of 2014 show she was soggy and weighed in at around 1200 lbs. After being in training she has dropped some weight, but has gained muscle with conditioning.

Lottie loves people and is always the first one to greet you at the gate. She has a great mind and is so eager to please.

She has the flash to go to the show pen and is the perfect size to make a good all around ranch horse. I would like to see her go to a "using" home and I will want to keep track of her. Good home a must, special consideration to show home.

Price will go up with training.

For Sale $2500
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