Thompson Farms of Mound City, Missouri 
 & T3 Quarter Horses

Irish Dexter Cattle

Our Dexters are registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association
They are PHA and Chondro Free.

2014 Red Bull-Wild Type

Darragh ( pronounced "dah-rah", is Celtic for "fruitful, fertile." Legend tells of the Brown Bull of Cooley owned by Daire Mac Fiachna, and his refusal to sell th bull to Queen Maebh, what better name for this handsome bull, than Darragh!

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T3 Cows

Euchee Creek's Red Sophia
ADCA 03095
DOB Feb 8, 2013

Dark red homozygous polled cow. E+/e, possibly E+/E+,  A1/A2

Bred to Euchee Creek's Red Aedan for an early spring 2017 calf. Produced a red bull calf.

Not for Sale
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Moosters Fire Opal
ADCA 035705

DOB Oct. 11, 2014

Red polled heifer. Pc/Pc A2/A2 Bred  to Darragh for a Spring 2017 calf. She produced a fine bull calf. He is obligate homozygous polled and A2/A2

Not For Sale
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GBD Gina
ADCA 034490

DOB May 6, 2014

Red polled heifer. Pc/H, A2/A2
Gina joined the herd on July 27, 2015. She is bred to Darragh for a Spring 2017 calf. Gina had a lovely heifer!

Not For Sale
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T3 Heifers
T3 June Bug
ADCA 039570

DOB June 18, 2016

Black polled heifer, E/e, P/p, A2/A2.
First calf sired by Darragh.


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T3 Daire
ADCA 039743

DOB May 18 2016

Red homozygous polled heifer, e/e, A2/A2.
Lightning struck three times!! Deri blessed me with another homozygous polled, A2/A2 calf. The odds of that were very small, less than 1 in a hundred. As bad as I hated to do it, I let Deri and Daire go so I could add an unrelated cow to the herd.  Full sister to Darragh and Adaire.

T3 Adaire
ADCA 037024

DOB April 23, 2015

Red homozygous polled heifer, e/e, b/b, A2/A2.
Adaire would not be for sale except I am keeping her full brother as a herd sire. 

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T3 Bull Calves
T3 Aodhan
ADCA 037312

DOB April 20, 2015

Red Homozygous polled, e/e, B/B, A1/A1.
 Sired by Hillview Red Wing out of Poetic Jeanea, half sister to Darragh.
If Aodhan was a heifer he wouldn't be for sale. He is a well built very masculine looking calf.

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