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Pretty Zoey Pine

In Memoriam

Pretty Zoey Pine

PRETTY ZOEY PINE -2000 silver grulla mare - barn name Zoey - by PRETTY BUCK ZEB out of CONTESSAS LAST. Zoey was the prettiest mare I've ever laid eyes on. Her beauty was only matched by her loving disposition. Just like her mother, she was a real people horse and lived to please.

Zoey was a typical "Zeb horse", a real bull dog, but with her dam's trademark baby-doll head. Zoey was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen. She had perfect foundation conformation. She had a babydoll head with a tea cup muzzel, big soft eyes, a wide forehead and tiny fox ears. Not only was she beautiful, she had her mother's unmatched disposition and was in my opinion the best foal her sire ever produced. She was the most rare and sought after color of grulla. Some refer to them as "white grullas" and contend that the lightness comes from the presence of a creme gene. She was homozygous black but DID NOT carry the creme gene. Although I was constantly asked to price her, Zoey was never for sale.

Zoey grass foundered in the spring of 2011. She had made considerable improvement and we believed it was under control, but sadly during an excessively hot week following the 4th of July her condition worsened. I took her to the Veterinary Hospital at Kansas State University, but they said she was in extreme pain and that the laminitis had progressed beyond repair. Zoey was euthanized July 13, 2011.

Zoey produced two grulla colts for us, PRETTY BOY ZEB by BLACKBURNS PRETTY BOY and ZEBS SILVER DOLLAR by CE POCO SILVER LT. Sadly only a few days after Zoey was put down the owner of Pretty Boy Zeb called and told me he had died unexpectedly and wanted to know if he had a brother. Zebs Silver Dollar had been gelded and I had to tell them no, and that there would be no more.

Zoey was laid to rest beside her mother in the mare pasture.
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